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My daughter and I have been reading Baba's (grandma's) vintage Nancy Drew series at nighttime together, which inspired this year's 8th birthday party theme: Investig8 & Celebr8!

The mystery party unfolded with secret agent activities, such as each super sleuth receiving a unique code name, creating a group secret handshake, and a training course weaving over, under, and through ribboned laser beams. Next, a story was told to the girls setting up "The Case of the Missing Diaries," and the girls had to work together to solve the mystery. Riddles provided clues to ten diaries (one for each guest) hidden around the farm. Each diary contained the next rhyming riddle, written in invisible ink which the girls had to "decode" using their special spy agent pens.

Vintage props such as a record player spinning bygone big band music, antique telephone, broken window, ominous owl, etc. were used to create the Nancy Drew-themed buffet. The detectives enjoyed Super Sleuth Slushies and ate Plot "Twists" (pretzels), Hot on the Trail Mix, and Nuggets of Knowledge in Roadster car plates, mimicking the car Nancy Drew would drive. A Mystery Cake by Sweet Em's Cake Shoppe surprised the entire crowd once cut...the center was filled with pink sprinkles and candy galore!

Services provided:

  • Floral/Tablescape/Graphics Design & Execution

  • Project Management & Execution


Event Design: Cup of Lovely




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